What is Leadership to me?

Leadership is being able to acknowledge your strengths and empower others to find their strengths.  Many people in business, such as employees, just go through the motions of everyday work because that is all they know.  They are never challenged, never asked to improve, or never given the power to think for themselves.  People in businesses are rarely given the opportunity to come up with new ideas on to how improve all aspects that go into a business, such as efficiency or work environment.  As a leader, you need to be able to bring the best out of people.  Captain Abrashoff did this with all of his 310 person crew.  He empowered each one by building relationships with each of them, encouraging them to come up with ideas on their own, and improving the work environment on the USS Benfold.  By doing these things, the USS Benfold became the best Navy ship in the fleet.  Leaders need to acknowledge that people, such as employees, can make a difference in the business and bring new ideas that would excel in their work.


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