Kirk Weisler: Best 5 Hours of Life Knowledge

Kirk Weisler is a chief morale officer and I was given the opportunity to hear him speak at a workshop that he did at Purdue University.  Most students would dread a 5 hour workshop that you have to sit through but this was the complete opposite.  Kirk gave me so much motivation, learning techniques, and life knowledge that will stick with me the rest of my life.  They don’t call him a chief morale officer for nothing thats for sure.

One thing that Kirk said that stuck with me was, “you learn how to lead, as you learn how to learn.”  At first I didn’t really understand what the heck he was talking about but as I listened and looked deeper into what he was actually trying to portray, it all made sense.  The saying leaders are born, is false.  Leaders are made.  In order to be a successful leader, you must also be a successful learner.  You need to be teachable in other words.  As you learn from others, you take that knowledge and you put it into your daily life and situations that arise.  As you learn from mistakes, successes, missed opportunities, etc. you learn from them and you put them into daily action.  You can’t be a good leader if you do not put the time into learning new techniques, ideas, and ways of doing/handling things.

Another quote that I think about everyday is, “Act/Choose the way you want to become until you become how you act/choose.”  Everyday you are choosing to act in a certain way.  You can choose to lay on the couch and watch TV or you can choose to go to the library and get some work done.  The behavior that you decide to display everyday will effect your future.  If you choose to be as or more successful than your parents, then go out there and act like you want that.

Don’t sit around and wait for opportunities to come your way.  Go out there, find them, and make the opportunities happen.  If you have an opportunity to learn from something, then do it.  If you want to be successful in the future, then act like it.  The choice is yours and yours alone.


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