Kmart – Ship My Pants

I came across this commercial and I found it absolutely hilarious.  I was rolling on the floor unable to breathe during this commercial by Kmart.  The whole commercial is a play on words and they say it all throughout the commercial.

Kmart is advertising the service of convenience for their customers.  Many times, when you go to a store and they don’t have the piece of clothing, furniture, appliance, etc. that you are looking for, then you are, “ship,” out of luck.  See what I did there? Kmart is letting their customers know that if, and only if, you are not able to find the item you need in store, then they will look up the item online and if they are successful in finding it, they will ship it to you for FREE!  This eliminates the hassle of customers trying to find it online by themselves and then paying for the shipping costs which are usually outrageous with large furniture appliances.

Funny and edgy commercials seem to stick in my head more because its those commercials that you want to tell your friends about so hopefully you can get them to laugh.  I enjoy hilarious commercials more than anything because it makes watching TV that much more enjoyable than it already is.


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April 6, 2013 · 9:57 pm

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