Team Work

Team work is the most important aspect of an organization.  If there is no team work, then the organization is weak and they are unable to accomplish the same things that they could if they all work together.  The seagull focused on one small grab to eat and he would have accomplished that is his other colleagues did not come to his side and back him up.  At the end of the clip, it says, “It’s smarter to travel in groups.”  This is true because as an individual only certain things are possible but when you work in a group then the possibilities are endless.

In our group for CSR 309, we each were divided into three groups of 5 to 6 people and we were given a task to find an article for the group memo.  Once we found an article, he explained it to the group and gave reasons on why we chose this article.  Once each group went, we discussed it with the whole group, and then decided on an article.  We worked as a team to choose the best article for the group memo.  If we were each individually to decide on what article best worked for the group, nothing would get done.

Working as a group is essential because it strengthens the organization and opens up communication between each department.  When communication is open up like that, then each department knows what the mission and goals are for the organization.  This also enables for projects to get done faster and more efficient.  Captain Abrshoff focused on team leadership with his crew because he knew, that if everyone works as a team, this ship will be the best in the Navy fleet.  He gave his crew the opportunity to work on different parts of the ship so that they could have knowledge of what others have to do and deal with everyday.  Captain Abrashoff also made sure that there was a direct line of communication throughout the ship. He didn’t want his officers and crew to feel like they were in the dark about a subject, operation, etc.  When he found out about an important topic, he would get on the intercom and let everyone on boat know what was going on and what the plan was going to be.  By doing this, his ship had a common goal and each member worked towards that goal.


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April 7, 2013 · 10:31 pm

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