“Integrity is the only thing you have in this world.” – Mother

“Integrity is the only thing you have in this world.” – Mother

Why is integrity important in leadership?

1)  A leader is a role model that the group looks up to and imitates from.  The actions and words that the leader does will influence the behavior of the group.  Wether it be in the work place or outside of the office, the leader must maintain the highest standard of character because how the leader acts will effect the group he/she is leading.

2)  You need to have respect for yourself, respect for others, and the ability to take responsibility for your actions.  You can’t respect yourself if you can not put 100% trust into you accomplishing an activity or saying you will do something and don’t do it.  The actions you take will gain respect from your peers.  You must respect others if you want to gain respect from them.  Put trust in others by giving them projects to do that are hard or giving them freedom to try a new way of accomplishing a task.  Finally, you must take responsibility for your actions.  There will be times where you or your organizations messes up and you must be the one to take the blame for it because you have an integrity.  You as a leader are responsible for you and your organization.

3)  Trust.  Trust is the most powerful characteristic that a person can have.  If you are known as a trustworthy person, then people will more likely follow you because they know you won’t steer them wrong.  When you have complete trust in someone else then you know, no matter what, they will always have your best interest in mind.  As a leader, you must have 100% trust in the people in your organization, and they must have 100% in you to lead them through hardships and triumphs.

4)  Integrity is the only thing that you can control.  You can’t control time, you can’t control traffic, and you can’t control the weather, but you can control what others think of you and what others are willing to do for you.  What my mother means by, “integrity is the only thing you have in this world,” is that it is up to you on what you want people to think about you.  When you come into this world, you are a clean slate.  The actions you do after that determine what kind of person you are and will become.  In other words, don’t do anything that will make people lose trust in you.  Integrity is living by certain moral codes that you find important.  Mine are family, friends, trust, love, hard work, virtue.  These are what are important to me and as a leader, I want people to know that and feel it so that they will put trust in me.


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April 8, 2013 · 12:15 pm

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