A Runner’s Mind: A Family Dream

A Runner's Mind: A Family Dream

A Runner’s Mind is a running and walking store in Burlingame, CA. A Runner’s Mind was created by my family and it was a dream that my mom and dad have always had, to own their own store. When all of the kids left home, my mom wanted to create a store in town that she could benefit from and also the community. A running store was a perfect fit because there was no running specialty store in the area and the closest one was in San Francisco which is about 30 minutes away.

A Runner’s Mind has been around for over two years and it has helped out the community in more ways then one. It started out as a tiny running store and now it has hundreds of followers, three running groups, and they also put on 5 and 10K during Thanksgiving and the summer time. They just signed a new lease in San Francisco and they are going to start building a store within the next few months.

What people love about the store is that everyone that is involved, treats each other with respect and treats them like family. The night runs turn into a three hour event because people stay around, hang out, and chat about life.

A Runner’s Mind slogan is, “the place we arrive when we finish, come to rest, and see life for all its possibilities.” When I read this, it just makes me want to get involved. A Runner’s Mind is a leader in the local running store industry because they focus on family and giving customers a place where the focus on the person and not their wallets.


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April 12, 2013 · 2:13 am

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