The Masters: Adam Scott Wears the Green Jacket

The Masters: Adam Scott Wears the Green Jacket

The Masters was over the weekend and I was glued to my TV like I always am when this legendary event takes place in April. I love this event so much because I love golf and because of the displays of leadership that each competitor shows.

This year, the final round came down to a playoff between Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera. Angel Cabrera missed a birdie put by less than an inch and then it was Adam Scott’s chance to either win the Masters or play another playoff hole. He sunk his birdie putt that will put him in Masters history forever. As he celebrated for a quick second, he went over to Cabrera, embraced him in a hug and the two walked off the green with their arms wrapped around each other talking about what a great competitor each of them were. This showed signs of leadership and great sportsmanship.

When you are in a sporting event or part of an organization, you will face your other competitors all of the time. What makes a good leader is acknowledging others successes and be happy for them. When you show gratification towards others it makes the people you are leading, wanting to be more like you and are more likely to follow you.

The next time someone has a success, wether that be landing a job or getting a better grade on an assignment/test, praise them for that. Let them know you are proud of them and don’t be salty about it. If you are salty, you are only hurting yourself. Being a good sport will only help you.


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April 14, 2013 · 6:04 pm

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